Monday, August 23, 2010

A Sunny Break {St Kilda}

Yesterday the rainy cold days of the previous weeks gave way to a brilliant blue sunshiny day, serving to remind us that sunny Spring is just around the corner. I do love the rain and the cool, yet cosy, indoor days during winter. Yet it is essential to get outdoors, to be reinvigorated and enjoy the brightness of the colours that sunshine brings.

With a shout of "Yay!" the girls quickly bounded over the hill to the sights they beheld. We had kept our destination a little secret in order to surprise them, and indeed it did. I thought I'd be exhausted standing around as they played, yet their excitement and the colours of the day served to invigorate me.

I was inspired by the beautiful blues, greens and yellows of sea, sky and foliage.
Hope you enjoy this little peak at our day.

The day was a very different one to the day of our last visit at the end of Summer 2009.

It was a welcomed rainy day, cool enough to venture outdoors, yet there was no colour evident being the end of a hot dry summer.

The sunshine of yesterday was just for one day however, last evening we fell asleep to the sound of rain again and woke to cloud cover, sprinkles and raindrops. Only intermittent periods of sunshine prevail today.


Jeanne said...

Lovely to have a little peek.

Just for a moment I thought you were at Melbourne's St Kilda. I was so excited...just for a moment...

Cee said...

Oh so sorry to disappoint you Jeanne! In fact I had hardly thought of Melbourne's St Kilda (despite the footy going on at the moment).

I've not been to St Kilda and would love to one day. They say it is wonderful these days.

There were so many people at St Kilda yesterday I think that half of Adelaide was there so a lot of locals had the same St Kilda on their mind ;)


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