Saturday, January 7, 2012

Farrer Ridge Nature Reserve - Morning walk

Kangaroo - always an early morning visitor

It's quite unusual for me to rise before my children, but I did so this morning.
My Dad is visiting and has been walking around our new neighbourhood each morning.
Today I decided I should join him, particularly as he spoke of heading to the Nature Park nearby.

We spent two hours wandering, chatting, taking in the sights, exploring nature and stopping to take in the finer details of many things through my camera.  The photos will tell much of our story.

Come enjoy a refreshing little walk with us through this reserve.

Everlasting Daisy

Cauliflower Bush - Cassinia ?

Cauliflower Bush - Cassinia aculeata (I believe)

It seems there's a natural spring here, my Dad thinks, 
or perhaps the water is flowing due to the excess rain we have had.

All in all it's a very pretty spot.
Next time I will bring my girls.

They will adore all the flowers,
and the kangaroos will be a treat for them also.


Homestay Mama said...

You live in a pretty part of Australia--so lucky to have a nature preserve near your home.

Cee said...

Indeed! We are very fortunate! I'm not taking that for granted. Can't wait to take the girls in there - it's a bit bumpy for a stroller so will be a bit of a mission with the little ones.

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