Thursday, January 12, 2012

Unexpected Discovery

This is what we found recently on an unexpected pit stop needed by our four year old Eee.

We were actually a little annoyed with her because we had just passed a number of toilets in the town of Braidwood which we had just driven through. Fortunately however we soon found this stop for her to relieve herself and for us to find a place we might return to one day to enjoy a picnic and a time of exploration and discovery.

Here we are at the Shoalhaven River by the Warri Bridge.  When you are driving along the highway and across the bridge, you just don't notice the beauty lying underneath.

So many wildflowers to feast our senses.  Beautiful isn't it!

We were ll so glad we stopped.  Thanks little Eee.


Bee Lady said...

Hi Cee,

Just getting caught up on some blog reading. I think I have that flower in my back yard that you were wanting to know the name of a few posts back. I can't remember the name of it. I'll work on it though. It grows very well here. So does the verbena (the purple flower you show in this last post). I love it. What garden zone do you live in? We are 5. I wonder if they are the same zone.

I can't imagin seeing kangaroo hopping all over the place. We have deer everywhere and I am always amazed every time I see one.

Have a great weekend.

Cindy Bee

Homestay Mama said...

Isn't it amazing how beautiful wildflowers are when you actually stop to look at them?! Excellent photography, Cee.

Cee said...

Thankyou HS Mama. Yes that's what little girls do to you, also the camera in hand - cause you to stop and look at the flowers.

I think we are in Zone 1 Cindy Bee - Cool/mountain zone which i think corresponds to you zone 7 according to this site
I'm sure there are many plants which grow in many zones.

Yep the kangaroos amaze me too - every time I see them. They are beautiful. Just like the deer.

Cee xxoo

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