Sunday, January 29, 2012

By Broulee Beach

We spent the day by Broulee Beach yesterday,

soaking in the sand and the sun,  

sights and sounds, 

the colours and textures.

There were sand pies to be mixed, 

time for solitary exploration 

sandcastles bedecked with star-shaped shells

rock pools to paddle and wade in

fish to attempt to catch in our bucket

sand angels to make

and vistas to enjoy


Bee Lady said...

What a beautiful beach! I wish I lived that close to a beach to visit. I've never seen a star shaped shell like that. It's gorgeous.

Cindy Bee

Cee said...

Yes it's a gorgeous shell isn't it. Quite rare in my findings also.

The beach is a lot further than it used to be for us, 2-3 hours, but we make the effort we love it so.

Cee xxoo

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