Friday, January 9, 2009

Just a little bit of transformation

I have been doing a little bit of simple sewing.  

Transforming this...
into this...
I am not sure who it was that decided these orange and green plastic tissue holders looked OK.  To me they look horrible!   Thanks to startdustshoes I have a tutorial which I altered to make some sweet handmade tissue covers.  So now our car has a touch of home in it as does Ess' school bag rather than the horrible plastic which covers these all too consumable items.  These little travel packs are great for places that "move" as they don't become horribly crushed almost empty boxes cluttering your bag or the car, and they last longer than the tiny pocket packs, but there are no nice designs for them. Oh well I think I have made an improvement.  They can even be reversible if you so desire.

Sadly you can't tell by looking just how much better they FEEL - fabric vs plastic.  I know what I choose every time.

1 comment:

David said...

Very nice :-)

And I think I've solved the comment posting problem on my blog/s. Not sure what all that was about...!

Love ya!

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