Tuesday, January 27, 2009

...and now here's "PinkiRab",

Ess has done a lovely job designing the face again don't you think!  Once again most of the stitching was relegated to me but we all had lots of fun stuffing him.  Little Eee was chief stuffer with Ess helping her gather the fill and me trying to guide all the bits of fill being haphazardly stuffed into the toy.

The button features of the face are adored by Eee who presses them, smiling, and says "beep, beep" encouraging us to echo her and pretend they are another type of button!

Ess seems to have claimed ownership of him now.  She carries him around with her "baby" and her dolly.  They are all sleeping together now...well nearly.

Ess starts school tomorrow.  Maybe PinkiRab will hang around here to give me some comfort while I shed a few tears at my firstborn heading off to school.

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