Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Meet "Yellowie"...

the first half of a pair of Kookie Kritters we have been making over the last few days.

We were inspired by these Kooky Kritters which we saw at Melly and Me.

Ess designed the face and did a wonderful job stitching on the buttons for eyes and nose and then drawing on the mouth with my fading fabric marker.  She then set to stitching it as quickly as she could before the colour faded (great pens!)  Patience then elapsed and it was up to me to stitch on the face and most of the way round the body.

I didn't anticipate the amount of fun little Eee would have in stuffing "Yellowie".  She is very much into the "in and out" of things  at the moment (buttons, paddlepop sticks, lego)  so it suited her well.  So cute to watch: Ess holding the kritter open while Eee stuffed more and more pieces of fill into her while calling out "dere, dere" (ie there, there).

Yellowie has found a few special places in our home as he loves to be hidden by our princess who then goes and hides herself.  The seeker then must find both!  Fun games in our house.

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