Saturday, January 17, 2009

Koala Viewing in the Adelaide Hills

Look at what we saw while enjoying the playground in Hahndorf.

A very agile little koala.

Climbing around his tree...

Sitting in a favourite posi...

Before jumping onto the next tree.  Quite a sight to see, unexpected and one we probably would have missed if it wasn't for our baby, little Eee, calling out "birdie, birdie" and pointing at the Magpies who were somewhat disturbed by this little fellow's antics.

(apologies for the sideways video. I keep forgetting you can't rotate video on my camera.)

Ess was thinking "will he climb all the way to the top or will he get scared?" she tells me.

I feel for Australia's koalas.  There is talk they may become extinct due to the cancer-causing virus when is prevalent in the koala population particularly on the east coast.  This added to the great urban sprawl gives them little hope.  However koalas on Kangaroo Island, South Australia, are found to be free of the virus.  This sounds very promising yet koalas are not native to the island and it is overpopulated.  There have been calls to cull the koala population on KI, due to the fact that the riverine habitat was becoming defoliated.  There was consideration of relocating koalas.  Discussions last year show that some have been relocated to the South East and that the problem is prevalent and the issues of sterilization, relocation and culling are still needing consideration.

A resident of Hahndorf told me that the koalas had been quite active there. I was surprised to see one in the town and wondered if he was one who had been relocated from KI??  He was adorable for us to view and I felt privileged knowing that it is not a common occurrence to see one of these furry friends outside a zoo and let alone one that is so active.
Of course being out and about in the Hills we could not resist some cherries.  These will be our last of this season.  On our last visit there was hustle and bustle in the processing of cherries.  Today there was only a saleslady with a few last boxes :(

...and strawberry picking in Hahndorf, which was actually the impetus for our trip.

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Gemma Wilson said...

Quite an active little Koala - I had not heard about the cancer causing virus - That is sad - There should be more awareness and more talk in the media - They are afterall our country's icon (well, kind of)

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