Monday, February 2, 2009

Felt Bead Necklace

We have been creating again... 

Ess was drawn to these colourful felt beads in this book we borrowed from the library.

Green Crafts for Children

Let me tell you, they are not as simple as they look.  The insructions tell you to use PVA glue to hold the felt.  I wish I had thought first to use my hot glue gun as the PVA glue didn't dry fast enough, and left the felt feeling quite firm when it finally did dry, thus making it very very hard to thread them.  I had to make holes with a larger needle before Ess could thread them with her smaller one.  This job required me to sit outside by our water fountain trying to keep calm while I pushed and shoved the needle through, holding firmly down onto a plank of wood my Generous Gentleman lovingly found for me so I wouldn't injure myself or damage any furniture.  It was an arduous task to say the least.   Oh how I wished for a thimble - why don't I own one of those?

Don't let me put you off though.  They are very pretty and little Eee loves them.  Ess made a necklace for her which she loves wearing.  

They are also a wonderful addition to the items around our house which can be repeatedly put into and out of things such as this sweet little teapot...

... look at those sweet little toes...

...and fingers.

Need I say more!

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