Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ess' Own Bikkies

Tea, anyone?

I am very proud of my little girl. She has taken inspiration from her friend and created her own bikky recipe which she absolutely loves.  I am particularly proud as she decided to write down the ingredients for her recipe while I prepared our evening meal.  Here is her list of ingredients:

Isn't she doing superbly!  Remember she just started school last month.  With only a few questions about spelling (at which point I encouraged her to find the words in another location such as on the ingredient she had chosen to add), she has written a list.  It is just so wonderful when children are motivated to learn.  Activities such as being creative in the kitchen are wonderful places to involve writing and reading to increase your little one's interest in literacy.

We baked her bikkies in the morning and by the afternoon they had been devoured.  That is testament to her success.

We creamed about 70g butter and added about 20-40ml olive oil.  2 teaspoons of golden syrup were beaten through.  Initially Ess had forgotten about flour.  At some stage along the process she declared she wanted to add some flour to her nutmeg so we sifted 1 cup of wholemeal spelt flour with ½ teaspoon of bicarb soda and ½ teaspoon of cream of tartar.  This we folded through the creamed mixture.  The mix was then very soft so I dolloped them onto a biscuit tray and hoped they wouldn't spread too far.

They turned into a lovely "short" bikky, beautifully crisp and crunchy.  While I wasn't too fond of the mix of the flavours of golden syrup and nutmeg, Ess thought they were delicious.  They didn't last long in the house however, so others obviously thought so too.


David said...

Oh yum! And it's lovely to see Ess's handwriting too. So sweet. Miss you all. Lotsaluv

Cee said...

Glad you enjoy Dave - did we make you hungry?

We miss you as well. Some more aunt and uncle cuddles and rides in a special car would go down well.

Love to you both

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