Wednesday, February 18, 2009

First Steps

pitter, patter...

These tiny feet have taken their first steps.

It was a few days ago on Friday 13 February.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to take photos of little feet that are now on the move, very rapidly, albeit not always walking yet, but always toddling somehow somewhere? Finally I have managed to get a few photos which are not too blurry to recognise.  I  have the utmost admiration for people, like Kirsty of Appleseed Photography, who specialise in photography of children.   Her photos of newborns are stunning and she also captures the very special gentle innocence of young children.  Our walls are graced with her simply stunning photographic art showing the superb way she captured the essence of our family last June.

Little Eee, you strode out at about 5pm.  Fortunately Daddy was home and both Mum and Dad watched you take your first half a dozen steps, before Ess raced in to hug and applaud you as well.  You were so cute and so proud of yourself to be independently walking.

Not a lot of that has happened since, as you still like to scoot around on your bottom.  The scoot has become more of a bounce these days as you pick up speed.  So cute! 

These little feet will pick up speed as your confidence grows and I know that in no time at all they will be wearing through shoes as you walk and talk and grow just so quickly.


Melissa Irwin said...

Hi Cee...and thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I had to jump over here and check you out. What marvelous yummy toes you have captured here. I like to call my little ones feet "sweet feet".

I'll look forward to visiting you again!

Cee said...

Hi Melissa

I would love to see you again of course. What a sweet name "sweet feet". I am off to get my sweet feet now, I can hear her calling me after her nap.

See you again

alecat said...

Hello Cee!
Thank you for leaving your lovely comment on my blog. It's very nice to 'meet' you.
What a lovely way to capture those precious moments of your children's growth .. writing them letters in your blog. I look forward to reading more of your adventures together, and especially your caring way of life.
Alecat :)

Cee said...

Thankyou Alecat, what lovely words you have to say - you give me goosebumps!

I have been writing 'letters' to my children ever since my eldest was born 5 yrs ago. A friend gave me a journal entitled "letters to my baby" which seemed to fit well with me. I find myself speaking to them in my writing both on my blog and in my journal. Noone has ever commented on that before - thankyou!


Julie said...

It won't be long before whoooosh and she's off and running! (For my DD#2 it was one day, and she was only 9 months old! The other two were much more sensible ;-). Doesn't time fly? I regard it as a such a priviledge to be able to stay at home with my girls at this stage in their development :-)

Cee said...

I know, I know Julie. The running will be sooner than I can imagine. Time does fly.

I agree wholeheartedly that it is a privilege to be at home with them at this stage of development and also so necessary for them. I am so proud of my girls and all they achieve and so glad I am a very big part of that. I wouldn't miss it for the world.

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