Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Amigurumi Pears

As for my next book, I am going to hold myself from writing it till I have it impending in me: grown heavy in my mind like a ripe pear; pendant, gravid, asking to be cut or it will fall. ~Virginia Woolf

We can be sure this little pear is very ripe. It has taken so long to grow and to become suitable for your consumption. Remember back in September when I showed you his beginnings?

He had a few hold-ups. I am not a holiday crafter. I like to be a tourist and observe my surroundings when away on holidays so he sat at home and awaited my return. In a similar state as you saw him last. But since my return he took shape and sat there smiling at me waiting for his mate. This is the smallest version of a set of three which you can make when you purchase Salihan's pattern. I planned to make a pair of pears. They took my fancy and looked very enchanting sitting atop our television delighting little girls and greeting us with smiles each morning. However I didn't purchase enough green yarn and now with the end of the winter season I am finding it hard to source for a reasonable price. I did however source some red/pink yarn on eBay.

So my little lone pear has some friends...

for a while. They will make lovely Christmas gifts I believe.

Now I am still waiting to find some green yarn as these little strawberries would be perfect in this red yarn. It just looks so like strawberry sorbet to me, the true fresh variety we make in our own kitchen with our juicer and frozen pieces of strawberries. Yes that's all we put in - strawberries alone.


Beth Brawley Taylor said...

These are adorable. What is it like to be so smart?


Very sweet they have turned out! Busy bee!

Big hug,


Homestay Mama said...

I'm just a little envious of people who are creative and come up with such charming ideas! Those pears are cuter than cute!

Cee said...
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Cee said...

Ha ha "so smart" hey Beth. Ok yep I'm smart - what gave it away? :) It means my mind is always on the go, I always need to be productive doing and learning something new... And so much more!

Glad you like the pears everyone.

ayelet(nishale) said...

They are adorable!!!!!!

Gemma Wilson said...

Cute - love the pink one - You are way too talented...

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