Monday, February 8, 2010

"The Blanket"

Inspired by SouleMama's Beach Blanket to Go in her recent book:

Handmade Home: Simple Ways to Repurpose Old Materials into New Family Treasures

I had been planning to piece together some old sheeting in blue, white and yellow with a sweet print for an outdoor blanket, so when I found this lovely rich blue mohair/wool rug in the local Sally's Boutique (salvo's/thrift store) for 50c I whipped it up and set to work.

It took only a day from beginning to end, admittedly my Dad has been visiting and his presence helped with the routine of school, sleep, walk and play of my little girls. So I sneaked in a few moments to myself behind the machine. Yet still, much was done with my little Eee by my side, oh so carefully helping me with pinning and snipping.

In combination with our 'treasures bags' which I have just completed, also inspired by Amanda Blake Soule in her abovementioned book, I anticipate that Autumn will bring much treasure hunting and seeking and enjoying the outdoors.

"The Blanket" has already seen much scrabbling and rolling, hiding and peeking, as well as warming some old knees in the cool of the evening before this new heat set in today (38degC). Our poor old Pa, being from Queensland, isn't used to the cool breezes a summer's day can bring in southern Australia. So I am glad the blanket has been put to many uses already.


Gemma Wilson said...

I am spending way too much time on your blog today - Time to get off - One more thing before I go - Kids look beautiful and so peaceful

Cee said...

Hi Gemma

It was lovely to have you pop in and take a peak around here. Hope you enjoyed. I have popped over to your site as well - it's good to know it's there.

See you again
Cee :)

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