Monday, February 1, 2010

Lacy Babushka-Style Scarf

I love sewing and have plenty of material witnesses. ~Author Unknown

Some pretty lace here...

pretty fabric in the shape of a triangle...

and a cute curly haired wearer.

This is a little something I whipped up this morning with, and for, little Eee. We actually made a pair of them. Over the weekend I sewed a little summer sundress for Ess and this scarf matches it perfectly. I hope she'll model it for me this afternoon as she has declared she will be putting her new dress on straight after school.

My weekend was unplanned, spontaneous and very enjoyable. At 9am on Saturday, my Generous Gentleman said, "let's go down to The Blueberry Patch and to Goolwa for lunch". So we did. On Sunday I woke with the intention of relaxing. I started flicking through a recent book purchase and thinking 'I could make that with this fabric' and 'this would look lovely in this'.

Carefree Clothes for Girls: 20 Patterns for Outdoor Frocks, Playdate Dresses, and More

Soon thereafter I was looking through the stash of fabric my Dad brought with him from home - some beautiful fabrics from which I made my own clothing in my late teens and early twenties. Now it is delightful to use for my children. The result of that is lots of cut fabric and ideas in my head about what next to make for my girls to wear as they grow and seasons change. It is still warm so the sundress was first to reach completion but I am dying to finish some sweet little woollen hats using the 'White Melton Hat' pattern and a few of my own ideas of course. Can anyone fill me in a little more on what melton cloth is?

Finally, enjoy this little piece of beauty. Such a pretty pink lillium. Not what I expected to find at The Blueberry Patch, yet under the shade of their beautiful green willows, on a lawn of green, we sat to enjoy our blueberry ice creams and the sweet little garden.


Barbara said...

Love that little babushka scarf! And such a pretty little model!

Cee said...

Thankyou Barbara and yes she is indeed very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Oh how cute. I saw this in a book when I was browsing the internet. What was the name of the book?

Cee said...

Hi Kym, it is nice to see you here.

There is a link to the book in my post. It is Carefree Clothes for Girls. Just click the link which is in the form of the small book here.


shandora said...

what a pretty little princEss with her scarf on! Great idea to make this! I only have boys, and you don't really get the chance to do these kind of things for them (but the oldest one, does "make" ninja things for himself, which is really cute)

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