Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Princesses and their Pea

"Good morning my dear, how are you today?"
"Oh I am black and blue all over, I hardly slept a wink.  
There was something very hard in my bed.  Whatever could it have been?"
~ Cee and Ess in play

Hmm...I wonder! :)

I made this sweet little Princess and the Pea set about a month ago after being inspired by Juliane's Giveaway set.  The tiny little pillows and mattresses suited Princess Kate (our Kate Finn doll treasure) beautifully.  The set needed something more however as it was not being played with as much as I would have liked (sigh).  I think this was due to the fact that there are so many components to it - all the mattresses, the pillows, the doona and the princess.  They were all rarely moved from the dolly's bed where the set stayed with all the other dollies.  So when I saw a couple more sets with lovely tote bags I knew just how to rectify this.

Just to make play and tidyup even more fun, I've added a special mini pouch hiding inside, and attached to, the tote bag to store that little pea which is so easily lost amidst all those mattresses and then falling to the floor to assume a mysterious abode noone is likely ever to know.

There are just so many ways to play with this little set.  This morning I delighted seeing little Eee make numerous beds all over the floor with all the pillows and mattresses and then move around the room lying on each in turn...yes making them each her very own bed.  Sometimes all that would be lying was her head so she assumed that adorable toddler "head down, bottom up" position.  I don't think she has quite cottoned onto the concept of the pea yet.  No doubt that will come soon.  Especially after we add this adorable book to our collection.

The Princess and the Pea
Our little princess Kate has woken up to search for her pea, then ventured outside to climb on the rocks, she has watched Charlotte's Webb (the original, animated, musical version) and had a tea party or two, she has rested again on her numerous mattresses (without the pea this time!) and then swapped roles.  Now I am the princess and Ess is the Queen.

Such fun!  These are the days... the best days of my life.

My next challenge must surely be to create our very own princess.


Anonymous said...

You've "stolen" Sarah's blog title - but it's true. These are the best days of your life (so far) and I love that :)

Miss you!

Beverley said...

Ooooh this is such a cute and sweet idea. What a fantastic way to encourage imaginative play and such a gorgeous bag to store it all in too.

Cee said...

Oh I yes I did - sort of! No doubt Sarah has inspired my thinking along these lines. I find myself so often saying to myself that these are the best days of my life.

And here is a link to Sarah's inspirational blog.

Thanks Sarah for putting the words to the knowledge in my head and the peace in my heart about "the best days of my life".


Cee said...

Thanks Beverley!

Homestay Mama said...

You are so creative, and that bag full of mattresses, etc. is cuter than cute! :-)

Mel Goodsell said...

oh gosh, this is so beautiful Cee. I really adore the little keeper for the pea (such a fabulous idea) and the colours are gorgeous.
It was lovely to read how much the set has been enjoyed today too.

Fröken Skicklig said...

It is early in the morning here (4 o´clock) and I finished a very long evening by packing a package for your two little Princesses ;-)

I am so happy I inspired you for this wonderful game. And I would have liked to join you!

I don´t know how it is in Australia, but in Germany fly agarics bring good luck. When I saw the first image, I smiled. This ribbon is designed by my friend Nic - and it was she who actually made me start blogging about my dolls.

So I guess since you had played with all the matrasses and pillows today in the morning, this special mushroom has brought you good luck. Because two little Princesses will soon invite their friends for a Royal Tea Party, I am sure ;-)

A warm hug to all of you (and so your post has been my bedtime story today)

Cee said...

Thankyou so much Mama!

Mel I am so glad you like this set. I cannot wait to see yours! And also to read what the Bratz dolls get up to with it.


Cee said...

Dear Juliane,

How special we are and lucky too! That mushroom has certainly been good to us.

I love those ribbons Juliane. I first saw them on your blog and searched thru Nic's to see if I could buy some (it was a challenge in German) but decided not to "import" them for now. Then...my friend Mel discovered them in the shop of her friend Fiona - ribbonsgalore,com.au. She featured them on her blog and, not believing my eyes, I raced over to buy some of the beautiful ribbons of Nic's. Delightful to use!! Everyone loves the tag idea which I copied from you.

Now you sleep well and you will most certainly be the first invited to our Royal Tea Party!


Maureen said...


I love that doll and all her matresses.
And the mini pouch is a very good idea.


Jackie said...

Hey Cee,

Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day, enjoys !!

I love the Princess and the Pea and the tote bag.

Cee said...

Thankyou Jackie and Maureen.


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