Monday, May 4, 2009

On Gardening at Home

Whether it be that I now have a little one who toddles along beside me as a precious little shadow, the recent rain we've had, the challenge to garden in the community or simply the deliciously brisk weather; cool days, cooler nights, crisp bright sunshine which beckons me outside, I have been spending lots and lots of time outdoors in the garden of late.

We have moved around some seedlings to find sunnier spots to grow into maturity now the sun is less hot.  Our bulbs are planted, both our freesias from last year as well as some new daffodils.  We can never resist a few pansies and I have vowed I will have to get some going from seed as every year we put in some seedlings to brighten our lives during the cold winter months.

I have tried my hand at some propogation of my succulents which are definitely stars in the garden at the moment, indeed all year round.  Last year I put some cuttings in a garden which needed greening again and had about a 75% success rate with those so I'll try letting them establish roots before I expose them to the bare earth this time.

Here is the reason every child should be exposed to growing radish seeds. They sprout so quickly.  Look at this little shoot, oh and there's another in the background.  They were only planted five days ago.

There are fairies at the bottom of our garden, we know that for certain.  They now have a new little home... or least they did before some curious little fingers needed to explore further than her eyes could take her.  We know the fairies will find many more places to dwell.  We brought them plenty of nectar to drink in some delightful gum nut cups found on our Sunday walk together.


Homestay Mama said...

Reading your post today made me wish I could go back and raise my son all over again!

Cee said...

I am delighted to offer my children so many wonderful experiences and have the opportunity to do so. No doubt there'll be things I'll miss and wish I had done something extra. I wonder what I'll be thinking at your stage of life Mama?

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