Wednesday, May 27, 2009

One Scarf Finito

We used to fly past shoppers in the town centre and especially in the winter, wrapped up in our duffle coats, woolen hats and scarves we used to get so warm that there would soon be coats unbuttoned, scarves trailing behind and rosy cheeks by the time we got to school.  ~Karen Elkins, as posted on

It's not yet duffle coat and woollen hats weather but this morning proved a little chilly for us so far at 7.5degC upon my waking.  My little Ess certainly felt it as she prepared for school.  I was very glad I could present her with her new scarf to wear to warm her chilly neck.  She has declared it is a little spiky and I have assured her that the cooler it is, the less she will feel the spikiness of the wool.  However I am not too impressed that an acrylic yarn made for children, which felt soft as a ball, should knit up to feel spiky.  I just hope that Ess enjoys wearing it, that it keeps her warm, that she doesn't lose it at school today.  Yes it remained around her neck even upon arrival at school.  This must be a good sign.  It should return home if lost as I devised a simple way of naming the scarf using some beautiful ribbons as a tag.

This lovely ribbon is designed by Nic in Germany and is available at

You can just see Ess' name tag which I have ironed onto the tags on the inside.

Homestay Mama, the first picture is especially for you - the finished scarf.  Trust you enjoy!  Ess is holding a beautiful gum blossom and inspecting it, no doubt to see whether any fairies remain.  We think however that they have departed.  You see their job is over now.  They have tickled the petals of this blossom with the tiniest feather imaginable until they simply burst open into full blossom.  This blossom had even fallen to the ground - no doubt waiting to transform into a fairy drinking cup (after those petals wilt and die).

Sending you chilly greetings from Adelaide.


Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Yes, it is certainly getting colder in the mornings, I am now leaving my walking till the sun has been up for a while, but once you get moving you generate a bit of warmth don't you?

Cee said...

Indeed it is Pip. Sadly I cannot wait until I walk to school but I love it actually as I am so warm by the time I get home that I have to strip off a layer or two for a while. I miss my walk in the morning if I don't go as I usually feel colder during the day.


Homestay Mama said...

That scarf is lovely--and so is your daughter. What beautiful blonde hair she has and that scarf is the perfect color for her!
Thanks for thinking of me when you posted!

I only had a minute to check my e-mails and start catching up on blog reading, but now I see by the clock that it is time to go up and start cooking dinner for my homestay students! Now that summer is almost upon us, I can't keep up with everything. I need a 'wife!' LOL

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