Saturday, May 2, 2009

On Being a Garden Guerilla...

für Juliane
We are very fortunate that our neighbourhood is quite well planted.  This street is close to home and around the corner we see this.  However we were inspired to join Juliane's Fröken Skicklig Garden Guerilla project simply because I love to garden and think that the world would be lots better with more plants, trees and bushes of a local variety.  I don't usually plant outside my garden though, so this was a unique way to contribute to our local community.   Thus we committed to participating.  As Ess said "we always do something Mummy...for Juliane's Giveaways".  Juliane is a very lovely inspirational lady, a special new friend, - you must pop in to view her precious handmade dolls.  Ess was also very keen to participate in order to possibly receive some delightful confectionary which Juliane has handsewn.
We found a spot where the effects of the drought can be seen as the plants have died back (see absolute top right) and some have totally disappeared.  This place should be suitable for our Spotted Emu Bush (eremophila maculata cerise flowered form) found at our local nursery.  It is native to South Australia (specifically The Mallee) so we hope it will thrive here in our neighbourhood.

Inspired by Steffi, we also carried along our chalks for a fun afternoon of outdoor drawing.  This is certainly a great way to get to know a few more neighbours.  We had people telling us that they used to see this all the time back in Lancaster - now no longer.  I was told I was creating a graffiti artist (in jest).  The local youths hung out their car door and called out "eat my path" or the like?? :)  We hope many others will look and smile.
So our neighbourhood now has a new little bush (see the planted emu bush in the bottom right corner above).  It is so tiny now.  

Photo sourced at Mallee Native Plants.

We hope it will grow and flower so our street will look like this in Spring - or perhaps one day down the track.  Then we will always remember our little garden guerilla project für Juliane.

Have you ever planted a tree somewhere in your local community apart from your own garden?  Have you contemplated doing it?  I do recommend it.  It satisfies the soul and is yet another thing which will serve to teach little Ess and Eee as we walk past the site watching the eremophila grow day by day.


Fröken Skicklig said...

Oh, you get a golden medal for joining the Garden Guerilla! I am so happy that both Steffi and I inspired you and your girls for creating such a wonderful spot in your neighbourhood!

I prepared already a small package for you (I had promised it some time ago, I know), but now I will wait until I send it - because you might win some delicious petit fours. Anyway, you are already a winner, because you won the smiles and happy faces of your neighbours!

Thank you so much and a very warm hug,


*Steffi* said...

this is so great... love your photos!
and your chalk- art ist sooooo beautiful... :)
have a nice day... :)

we have to renew our sun... the rain washed it away... but my sons love painting with chalk.... so they will be happy to paint it new...

Anonymous said...

This is so cool Cee :)

I can imagine your neighbourhood would enjoy this, and glad you all did as well.

Cee said...

Dear Juliane

We need that warm hug tonight - it is very chilly. Thanks so much for popping by and it was our absolute pleasure to join your Garden Guerilla.

We are so very privileged our neighbours smiling as well as a package to come in the mail. Whether it contains confectionary or not, we know it will delight us.

Thanks so much and warm hugs to you also

Cee said...

Steffi thanks for popping I am glad you enjoyed our pics. Thanks for your inspiration both to chalk and also to try making pic mosaics. It was just to hard to choose which photos to use and mosaics mean I can use so many more. They are not as I would have liked them in the end but they took me so long to do this afternoon :)

Happing chalking with your sons. Your sun was very bright and I hope you'll see lots more this spring for you.

And to Dave - Glad this made you smile :)

Homestay Mama said...

I see I've missed some of your posts and need to go back and catch up. Because it is spring here, things are getting busier for me, so I depend on my "dashboard" to tell me when someone has made a new post. But that requires a "followers" section on your blog and I don't see one. It's probably me--sometimes I can be a little techno-challenged!

Jackie said...

Oh Cee, you should come visit me in Singapore - hot and humid !!

I would love to go over to your place for the chilly weather.

Thanks for sharing those pics, loved it, esp. the one on the road.

Cee said...

Homestay Mama you can still follow me from your dashboard.

Simply look below the blogs you are following on your dashboard and click on "Add" then add my url/blog address there and click next. You should have me followed then.

Let me know if you have any more troubles.

It will be lovely to have you on board.


Cee said...

Jackie I'd love to come to visit Singapore again. I have stopped by there on my way to England and Europe.

I have lived in Brisbane for many years and so am no unfamiliar with hot and humid. I am enjoying the cool down here now I have aclimatised.

Glad you enjoyed the pics.


Homestay Mama said...

Cee, I'm following now and that was so easy to set up! Thanks for the directions. Don't know why I didn't see that myself!

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