Friday, May 29, 2009

On being a Toddler

for little Eee

Some days you just need to be held.

Some days you just need to rest your head against your mother's breast.

Some days you just need to be rocked gently till you fall asleep on your mother's lap while you tickle your lips with the tag of your favourite teddy.

Some days you just need your mother's undivided attention.

So while the market produce remained on the bench and in the esky,  while the half-prepared final meal of the day remained in the frig, while big sister Ess resolutely gathered everything she needed for our afternoon snack (which you refused), your Mummy gave you her undivided attention.  She sang, she hummed, she rested with you.

No more whinges, no more crying, no more angst.

Simply a warm, content little bub, nestled down in Mummy's lap, then cradled in Daddy's arms beneath his jacket, bundled off early to bed.


David said...

The tickling of her lips with the teddy tag reminds me of you and your cottonball


*sigh* hopefully we'll get to see you again before they get too grown up!

Beth Brawley Taylor said...

So, so sweet. I miss my three boys being toddlers. Such a sweet time in parenting.

Cee said...

David there are many things about little Eee which remind me of me! :) I hope you can visit soon too.

Thanks for your lovely comment, Beth. It is also a very busy tiring time when we are constantly on the go. I love this time too! Sweet with cuddles, kisses and giggles.

Homestay Mama said...

Cee, you are certainly a much better mother than I ever was! Today's post was comforting for the rest of us as well!

Cee said...

Not every day works as well as this one did in the end. It was my decision to give undivided attention which made this work for our family.

Toddlerhood presents challenging times. I think our ability to step and realise what really matters helps us work through the challenges.

Thanks for your kind words. I am glad this was comforting for you. It was lovely to write.

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