Saturday, June 6, 2009

Macro Improvements - Embracing the Small Things

While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Still enjoying the macro setting on my camera.

They call to me, those little things.  

Begging me to see the tiny detail, to illuminate them, to make them larger, fill the screen, fill my mind.

Much like my delightful children.  "Mummy look at me!"  "Look at this Mummy." "See what I can do!"  The constant chatter and conversation which must be attended to, reiterated and acknowledged.

They demand my heart, my attention, my all.  They beg me to see the finest parts of them, to know them, to celebrate all the tiny bits of newness they enjoy in their lives everyday.  Sometimes it is a real challenge to watch a leg flick this way, then that, as a new manouevre is undertaken, or to echo that new word just one more time to acknowledge to little Eee that she is speaking brilliantly.

Yet, while it sometimes frustrates and tires me, I revel in my role of mothering my girls.  I love to watch them grow and learn and discover anew the things which are very commonplace to me.  In a way, it seems, that I get a second chance at learning too.  It is interesting that the camera was rarely in my hand before they were born.  Now it is rarely somewhere I am not.  Yes I have great subjects in them but I also have a new way of seeing things.  I have slowed down, I have taken time, I have learnt to see and embrace all the small things in everyday life.  Whether that be something of nature outdoors or something within the nature of my darling girls, I am looking more closely.  I am eager to behold every small detail about them in order to know them.  To love them more deeply, to guide them more knowledgeably and to ensure they know that are wonderful little people, very much loved.

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