Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Stories of the Native Blossoms

The temple bell stops but I still hear the sound coming out of the flowers.  ~Basho

I'm not sure what these are.  Please fill me in if you know.

Each morning as we walk, the little blossoms lift their heads from amongst the leafy green leaves and branches, turning towards us, calling us.  They beckon us to come closer.  To look within, behind, around about.

We see their intricate makeup, their tiny stamens, their delicate, unique petals, their exquisite colours.

An amazingly enormous Eucalypt/Gum blossom.  I know you can't tell scale. One day I'll show you the accompanying gum nuts - huge!
These are new to me.  Let me know the variety if you know...please.

We see the fairies as they wake from their night's rest, quickly darting away, out of sight...but we catch a glimpse...if sometimes only of the fairy dust left behind in their wake.

Native Correa

Some may look and yet fail to see, to really know, appreciate and explore all that is there to behold.

Some may not see at all...lacking time...lacking interest...failing to realise the beauty and the power of the small things.  Those things the children want to linger over, yet we rush them on...eager to at least commence the next task.

Native Correa

I have been given the gift of time (by my husband who is our breadwinner).  Yet sometimes the tasks are many and I fail to allow the message behind the blossoms to penetrate.  I am thankful that on most occasions when my daughters want to linger, I am able.  I am thankful that I can make the decision to linger, to capture, to remember, to share with my daughters the beauty of nature, to teach them about the Creator.  I am certain they are taking it in. Do you remember back in February when my dear Ess was lamenting the fact it was not yet Winter in order to be able to see the "Christmas Bells" as we fondly call them?  Here they are!  She sees them everyday now.  She picks them, inspects them, counts them, shares them with her friends.

I am certain God created blossoms to nourish the soul.

Tend your spirit, linger longer and allow yourself to be nourished.

If you would like some beautifully evocative Australian music to listen to as you linger (including my own voice), then pop on over to my brother to hear Kondalilla.  It is an absolute treat!  My favourite.


Beth Brawley Taylor said...

What beautiful flowers and lovely prosaic writing to accompany them! I also really like the quotes you use to start so many of your posts. Just lovely!

Homestay Mama said...

Wow, what unusual, yet beautiful flowers this time of year! And I like the creative way you write about them!

Cee said...

Thankyou, thank you both! Your comments about my writing are touching my heart. And very especially coming from you Beth - a writer yourself! I am glad you appreciate the flowers - if only I had figured out my camera better before now!! *sigh*.

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